Talking and thinking about the Future of Work is in abundance. Doing and creating a positive future for work is in short supply.

The opportunity is now to design our future global workforce.

A better workforce for all requires the participation of all: the private sector, policymakers, governments and civil society organizations. Multi-sector engagement won’t happen organically. We  must shift away from the perspective of crisis management and low-skilled employment toward an asset-based, market-driven, economic strategy.   From a new perspective, we can design solutions that harness the power in underutilized, high potential, invisible segments of the workforce: women temporarily absent from the workforce, migrants/refugees, older workers, opportunity youth, the experienced but not credentialed, and those whose jobs disappeared after automation.

Employers need to build workforce plans, strategies and talent pools to meet their companies’ skills and labor needs. Governments and policymakers need employer input to ensure future-friendly policy and regulations. Both government and employers need quick-moving social enterprises and start-ups who can identify opportunities, prototype solutions and fill gaps. Each sector needs close partnership with others to design and build a future of work that is more inclusive, flexible and equitable.

Why aren’t more private-public partnerships being formed?

FUTUREcast {Private-Public Partnerships}

Private-public-social sector partnerships are not new, but truly understanding each other’s “language” and strategic imperatives and operating styles is a challenge and prevents engagement and partnership.

FUTUREcast is an interactive, multimedia experience that immerses policy-makers, governments, social enterprises and civil society organizations in each other’s Point of View (PoV) and teaches them skills to become a design and solution partner to other sectors.

Key outcomes

Spark innovation


the private setor

point of view (pov)

Exposure to futurecasting

Bring FUTUREcast to your next conference or forum

FUTUREcast {Private-PublicPartnerships} is an innovative approach to directly address and act on workforce integration challenges faced by communities, companies, and cities with changing demographics and increasing automation.

As a result of your FUTUREcast experience, you can expect:

Concrete plan to take at least one positive step toward building partnerships focused on designing for migrant and refugee success in a changing world of work.

New network connections that you can lean on to help shape your plans.

Basic knowledge of future-casting, an essential tool (and skill) for modelling potential scenarios in order to design innovative solutions for strategic partnerships. 

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